AKEMI® Marble Silicone is a single-component, joint sealing material on the basis of silicone rubber which hardens in contact with atmospheric moisture. This product has the following particular properties:

- it does not discolor at the edges - has excellent working and smoothing properties - has a fungicidal property - effectively tolerates -expansion/contraction up to 25% - builds a skin within 10 – 15 minutes - stable at temperatures between –40°C - +150°C - is extremely weather-resistant - has a high resistance against abrasion, tearing and notching - is compatible with paint - can be supplied in all colors - can be stored for 12 months under cool and dry conditions

AKEMI® Marble Silicone is a special sealing material for expansion and connecting joint and can be used in combination with natural and artificial stone such as marble, granite, quartzite, sandstone, terrazzo (Venetian mosaic), concrete and the like. In addition this product adheres very well to plaster, ceramic, glass, wood and to many kinds of metal and plastic.

For more information please download our PDF sheet. 

Transparent Silicone special Stone - AKEMI


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Model: Marble Transparent Silicone-AKEMI

Use: stone maintenance

Shape: cartridge

Capacity: 310ml

Weight: 0.5 lb


1. Contract surfaces must be dry and clean and free of fat and dust; natural and 2. In order to prevent adhesion on three flanks and in the event of deeper joints.

3. Areas flanking the joint should be protected with AKEMI® special adhesive - 4. In wet/moist rooms, outdoors and by particular surfaces (see primer table)

5. Working temperature –10°C - +40°C. 6. After application the silicone must be smoothed within 10 – 15 minutes. The

7. The hardening process, which is dependent upon the thickness of the layer, 8. Tools can be cleaned with AKEMI® Cleaner A. artificial stone, ceramic, glass, non-painted wood and metal can be cleaned with Cleaner A; Cleaner I is to be used on plastic and enamelled surfaces.

AKEMI® joint cords should be used; closed-cell polyethylene (PE) joint tapes for wet/moist rooms (bathrooms, saunas etc.) and for outdoors, otherwise open-cell polyurethane (PUR) joint cords. Joint size: 3x5mm at the least. masking tape. recommend the application of our primers on the flanks of the joints. best results are achieved with AKEMI® smoothing agent. the temperature and the relative atmospheric humidity, takes for 1-3mm 24 hours.


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