Do you love that glossy like appearance of stone?  "Akemi Darkener Super" intensifies the color and structure of natural and artificial stone smoothed and polished (like granite, marble, basalt sandstone, porphyry, granite, slate and stone) and maintains a gloss polished look.

Darkener Super is the ultimate color enhancer. Can enhance the lightest of marble to the darkest granite for that gloss like appearance. Making the color deeper and brighter. The product is especially recommended for dark and black granite absorbent (absolute black, black impala and galaxy).

Darkener Super color enhancing is a repellent for water and dirt effect and facilitates maintenance. Used outside and inside with durbale action reinforcement. No disadvantage odor during application. Places of imperfections (as scratches and fine fractures) can be treated with strengthening darkener super color. This gives a harmonious surface appearance.

To enhance the longevity of your natural stone products, never use vinegar or harsh acid based cleaners.

This product has been tested and approved for food contact surfaces.

For more information please download our PDF sheet. 

Darkener Lux Stone and beauty color enhancer - AKEMI


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Model: Darkener Lux Stone and Beauty enhancer-AKEMI

Use: stone maintenance

Shape: bottle

Capacity: 8.45 OZ - 250 ml

Weight: 0.5 lb


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