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Buying online has created new consumer behavior. We often buy a "photo " without really knowing by whom the product is sold and how it came on the market. When prices are "attractive" or strangely low, it is essential to question the origin of the products because it can be detrimental:

  • the quality of products or materials (finishing / assembly / packaging)
  • social conditions of workers in the country of manufacture
  • the materials sector (non-compliance with operating quotas)

A state of mind

Far-well oiled mass distribution channels, our products are professionally designed and manufactured in noble materials by talented craftsmen . Our goal is not to make the "mass." We usually have just enough stock to supply the demand that is the best way to be able to offer quality items!

Work ethic

The corporate citizenship begins at the heart of our daily activities: in the quality of products or services we offer and how we behave with our staff and clients.

We are also friendly and fair with our suppliers, always ensuring that the working conditions of artisans and laborers who work on our behalf or our manufacturing partners, are optimal.

  • We refuse to sell any product made directly or indirectly by minors.
  • We refuse to knowingly select materials for their own advantage of being cheap 
  • We refuse to negotiate prices that may threaten the survival of our partners workshops.


Living'Roc is part of a clear approach to environmental responsibility. We believe that sustainable development is the responsibility of all citizens and businesses. This is why we take into account, in each of our decisions, the direct and indirect impact of our activities on the environment.

Product and manufacturing

We offer safe and environmentally friendly products and integrate these requirements in production processes.

Example : travertine tables

  • Cutting slabs from Cutters is cooled by water and facilitating the recovery of dust.
  • For finishing, (ex polishing chamfers using a grinder) the dust is sucked by a wall of water in closed circuit.
  • No hazardous products are used in manufacturing. Their hand assembly is guaranteeing a minimum production of CO2.

Forests protection

We optimize the packaging and use less wood as possible to package our products.

  • We pledge to use our packaging to a maximum of ecological and recyclable materials.
  • As much as we can, we use a very strong plywood recovery that does not require fumigation of containers (additional source of pollution)
  • We limit the impact of the production of catalogs. For professionals, most of our catalogs are in PDF format.


Less transport is also less CO2. We minimize, as much as can be done. 

  • Our goods are stored near the port and focus shipping, less polluting and energy than other means of transport consumer
  • We group commands within a logistics platform. By limiting shipments, we help reduce carbon emissions caused by the transportation of packages.

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Our values

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