Vessel sink the heart of the bathroom

Choosing a vessel sink?

The vessel sink is one of the most important parts of your bathroom, It is the one place everyone will stop to visit.

Washbasins a few years ago were just made to function, Now you can display a work of art to make the main focus of your bathroom.

When displayed on a beautiful piece of furniture you will have an appealing design and spa like feeling.

The vessel sink: the major component of your bathroom

If you choose a vessel sink, it is important to decide which models and kind of basin you want to have.

The vessel sink can be done in three different assemblies:

  • Vessel sink on column which has a foot which allows to hide the plumbing
  • The suspended vessel sink, which settles in the wall, ideal for the small bathrooms.
  • The slot-in vessel sink are to be build-in in a piece of furniture washbasin, the advantage is that pipes will be hidden by the piece of furniture.

Once you have chosen the shape of your washbasin, it is necessary to look at its size. There is several models designed for the small rooms and toilets , the traditional size vessel sink or the double vessel sink rarer and more expensive. Then, you can define the materials of your basins, they can be ceramic, in stainless steel or stone according to your choice. According to materials, to size and to the assembly which you chose, the sink will be affordable from $65 and up to more than $500.

Vessel sink: The new trend in the bathrooms

Most of the time the vessel sink is ready to use, can be installed on a piece of furniture, custom tailored project but you may choose a basin build-in in custom tailored project . You will be able to choose the kind of bowl, as well as its shape and its materials.

The vessel sink is available in several forms: round, square or oval. There are numerous types of materials with their advantages and their inconveniences, the main things are :

  • The stone basin: aesthetic, solid and is unique due to the cut in the vein of the stone.
  • The ceramic bowl: more traditional, easier to maintain and less expensive.
  • The glass basin: common design, but is limited in color, maintenance can be difficult and uneasy.

How to choose vessel sink and faucets?

Once you have selected your basin or your washbasin, it is important to choose its faucet. You have the possibility between several choices:

  • The mixer faucet washbasin is the most practical to adjust the temperature and the choice of the models is very important.
  • The faucet shower for washbasins is very practical, on the other hand, it is rarely trendy.

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