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SHOWROOM : Do you have a showroom or a store where we can see your products ?

We have an unbeatable value for money we sell exclusively on-line and have no showroom or point of sale. To help you make the best choice, we emphasize the quality of our on-line photos, we have on average about ten photos of every reference! Photos were selected with care and taken by ourselves. The integrity is realized when you see the photos and see the big loyalty between the on-displayed product and the one that you will receive. Result: we only have 0,5% of return on all our range of products and it is not a coincidence!


COSTS : What allows you to offer prices so competitive?

Years of experience in the natural stone range allow us to manage ourselves all the stages of purchase and transformation. We know perfectly the prices of materials and manufacturing costs. Besides you will not find in our company either commission-paid seller, or a luxurious showroom. These important savings on our structure costs are directly echoed on our final costs VTA included and allow our customers to buy some real natural stone sometimes less expensive than certain synthetic materials or certain copies in resin.

CUSTOM MADE PRODUCT: « Do you produce « custom made product » for your tables, vessel sinks, shower trays ...?»

Unfortunately no. We negotiate with our suppliers the most advantageous costs on standard sizes and minimal quantities by reference, we thus regret being able at the moment of producing a single unit or "the custom-made product".

OFFER : Do you have other models that are not shown online? In an other size?

All the models and the sizes we have are posted on our site, which is daily updated. When a new model or a new size is available in stock, it is immediately on-line " in stock (green status)"


DEADLINE : What is the delivery time frame for an order? May I be told of delivery date

For basins, shower trays, kitchen sinks: 1 to 3 working days of preparation then delivery under 2 days to 7 days. For outdoor garden tables : 2 in 3 working days: then delivery under 5 days to 10days. Almost all the time the delivery deadlines are respected. These deadlines are applied after receiving and validation of your order

DELIVERY COSTS : How is the delivery calculated? what is the cost? Do you offer free shipping?

Our carrier charges according to the the weight. You can calculate directly the expenses of on-line delivery by adding the product to cart (without commitment from you).

We could have added the price of the average national transport on all of our prices and advertise "free shipping" as many of our competitors do, but we have chosen a different approach. At Living'Roc we want to show the true value of things by separating the freight transport. Therefore when we announce "Free Shipping" on orders over $1700 you can be sure to get a real discount.

RESERVATIONS : The product is not in stock, your site indicates that we can Pre-order it, how can it be done?

it is simple! Place an order and your reservation will be delivered in top priority as soon as the product will be back in stock according to the information shown on the product web page.

IMPERFECTIONS and PARTICULARITIES : the natural stone often presents variations of colors? Is it a defect?

On the contrary, veining, misprints and other variations of colors make all the charm of the stone and distinguish it from non-natural materials! We work only with dedicated craftsmen which work the natural stone straight from the block, in opposition to products made on production lines in an industrial way.


CONTACT : May we contact you by telephone for more informations ?

We pay particular attention to the quality of our customer service and on its availability because nothing replaces the human contact when it is about top of the range products intended for the embellishment of your place of residence. You can contact us every day of the week at 1-800-921-7969 from 9 am till 8 pm. Before and after these schedules we dedicate ourselves to the preparation of the orders and to the conditioning (packaging) of the goods. Please leave us a message and your phone number, we shall call you as soon as possible.

STONE FINISH : Which stone finish Do you make and what is the difference between?

Polished Finish : A polished finish is the surface finish we use for decorative stone product as our vessel sinks BALI WHITE and PEGASUS WHITE ... Abrasives are used on the surface with varying degrees of abrasive finish to achieve a shiny look to the surface. This finish suits perfectly for every kind of marble.  Honed Finish : As per the polished finish above, a honed finish is achieved by using varying grades of abrasive polishing pads until a matte flat surface finish is achieved. (That finish is our favorite ) This finish is not shiny or reflective as per polished, that is why this finish is very trendy at Living'ROC. The granite material suits perfectly to this finish because of its natural features (extreme density and a very low porosity).

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