Glossary - Stone Materials and finishes

Some terms seems hard to understand? The glossary below will give you some additional information. You will also find some finishes that we use in the manufacture of our products:

  • Honed finish : A satin smooth surface with little refletion. Will have a matte finish.
  •  Example on our shower trays or our stone kitchen sinks.
  • Slate : Slaty rock with very fine grained and highly flaky. The slate is mostly a rusty dark grey/blue color. Ex: mosaic slate table.
  • Quarry : Place of extraction of stone blocks.
  • Cutting : Cutting slices from raw lumber to the dimensions you want.
  • Bush hammered finish :  operation which consists in 'breaking' the surface of a stone by striking it perpendicularly with a boucharde( hammer)  it gives a raw and rough aspect to the stone. An example with LOTUS stone bowl  .
  • Brut or natural finish:  natural stone without any transformation, more rustic look .E.g. BORNEO design basin and some sinks ready to install. 
  • Flamed finish : A rough look obtained by passing a flame on the stone.
  • Polish finish:  Look given during the last operation of grinding. Various phases allow to get a more or less polished glossy look.
  • Schist :  Foliated rock coming from sediments accumulated at the bottom of the oceans.
  • Tempered Glass: Five times stronger than normal glass, it offers better heat resistance (up to 200 degrees). If the glass breaks, it breaks into small fragments that do not hurt.

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