Origins and Characteristics of Travertine

The travertine is a calcareous sedimentary rock. Its colors vary from white, beige, chestnut but with also shades of pink and red. We often find it in the hot springs, forming layers of deposits. In Turkey we can observe terraces of Travertine. It is a material of an extraordinary durability, which allowed setting up luxurious monuments, the most famous of them being the Coliseum of Rome.

One of the distinctive features of the travertine is its honeycombed texture visible after sawing and what we recork or not depending of your choice. Several finishes are then possible, according to the use: antique, brushed, softened, polished, chiselled, sanded, and more... Due to its color the travertine a material "contact" releases  heat which it reruns in our living spaces. We say that the travertine possesses purificatory properties in the air in our homes.

Advantages: the travertine, which we use, is softened and recorked in 80 %, for the convenience of the maintenance.

Find the travertine in: travertine consoles, Travertine Coffee tables, travertine Tables.

The Persian Travertine

We use the Persian travertine. It has remained one of the references of these last 20 years in modern architecture, and is one of the materials the most used in the most prestigious projects of decoration. It is a material at the same time strong and pleasant to the touch. We chose it as the soothing and harmonious colors and especially the quality of the organic veining, which appears very clearly in the tracks of sediments. Beige, ivory with a very fine and very soft grain, it is cut in the vein to keep the streaks, that what makes all of its charm.

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