Natural stone - eternal, ecological, aesthetic and unique material

The rock or stone is the main material that makes up the Earth's crust on which we live. She is enrolled in a complex geological process continuously. There are different groups of natural stones (magmatic, sedimentary rocks, metamorphoriques) classified according to their composition, their origin or the characteristic of their training.
Among them, only a very small proportion is used for commercial purposes. Natural stone is the oldest natural element on Earth, it is the memory of our planet. Its geological features, its forms, its textures, its grain, its streaks, nuances, make it particularly versatile material. No stone, no block is never quite the same. Its evolution depends on nothing of human activity because stone is derived from an organic development experienced at the discretion of the sediment which travelled by the winds and rains, although before displaying any form of human life and may affect its development or trying to master. 
For many years, natural stones make their comeback in our habitat. Generally there is a clear trend towards the use of natural products in the construction and interior decoration. It must be said that, in the case of natural stone, the benefits do not fail. Non polluting, sustainable, easy maintenance, and much more affordable than in the past, natural stone seduces each year a growing number of consumers who wish to find the taste of natural products and quality. Unlike synthetic materials that alter over time and has a fashionable time limit , the stone, it keeps its charm and freshness. 

A few good reasons to opt for natural stone ...

  • It is eternal

Natural stone is present in constructions of man since the dawn of time. It symbolizes the history and the link of transition between men and cultures. The pyramids of Egypt to the interiors of today and tomorrow, natural stone is always integrated with wonder in the lifestyles of our times. Timeless and durable was the material of construction of the castles and cathedrals for centuries. Today more than ever, it is the material of choice for the greatest architects who see in it the immense advantage to keep its colour and its original appearance over time. Do not be fooled by its age: natural stone is and remains a timeless and contemporary material.
  • It is eco-friendly

Natural stone is also and, in essence, an environmentally friendly material. It is a non-polluting and living natural product that responds to the ideas of sustainable development. Finally, it is easy to clean and blends into our environment by respecting and valuing it.
  • It is aesthetic

Thanks to the latest advances in processing natural stone allows original achievements with an irreplaceable character. It is both timeless and trendy because of its look, its character and spirit it elicits. Its natural virtues and its major varieties of colors and gradients to transmit any other heat, another breath, and a different way of life than industrial materials.
  • It is unique

Natural stone is an invitation to the trip itself, the equivalent of a natural treasure that has waited several millennia to form and be extracted to become an
object. It may therefore be unique and original because the geological evolution is different everywhere in the world.

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